What Everyone Ought to Know About Coconut Oil

Most of us have heard why we should cook with coconut oil but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many healthy ways we can use this natural product.

I’ve gathered my top 7 favorite articles that include how coconut oil can help: Lose weight, improve your skin, reduce wrinkles, slow ageing, reduce saggy skin, detox the body, plus much more. This list has it all.

After you read these articles you will be slapping this stuff on your skin, eating and drinking it like it’s going out of fashion, and like me, possibly rolling around in it…. on the beach..

#1 Benefits of Coconut Oil

Fitlife.TV give you the rundown on coconut oil and some yummy recipes to boot giving their article #1 status. You’ll get a quick rundown on these key facts:

  • Strengthens immune system
  • Boosts key mineral absorption (calcium and magnesium)
  • Antifungal and antibacterial
  • Provides long lasting energy
  • Great for skin and hair (internally and topically)
  • Reduces risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease
  • Reduces risk of cancer and other degenerative conditions
  • Helps control diabetes
  • Improves digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Supplies important nutrients necessary for good health
  • Is heat resistant (the healthiest oil for cooking)
  • Functions as a protective antioxidant

You will find tips on how to use coconut oil in your everyday life in: cooking, as a skin lotion, in smoothies and as a healthy snack. But why I love this article so much is that it comes with recipes;

  • Strawberry coconut smoothie that you can mix and match with other berries
  • Chocolate milk coconut oil smoothie – I had you at Chocolate right?!
  • Coconut fruit smoothie – includes nuts & seeds for your daily balance
  • Delicious coconut delight balls – great healthy snack that’s filling, its raw and vegan so good for you.

Click here to read the full article >> Fitlife.TV

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#2 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Organic facts cover what is actually in this miracle oil and benefits including beauty and weight loss. What I like about this article is that it is full of information of what is in this natural goodie and why each element is good for you.

They also talk about the propaganda generated in the 1970 condemning coconut products because of its high saturated fat content but then go on to explain why the saturated fats in coconut oil is not as it first seems.

In the long list of health benefits you will find how to use it and why including:

  • how coconut oil delays the appearance sagging skin and wrinkles and premature ageing – i am going to roll around in this stuff all day every day!
  • Coconut oil for hair care – reduces protein loss, great as a conditioner and promotes hair growth. A regular coconut oil head  massage can keep dandruff at bay and helps keep your hair and scalp free from lice and nits – now i remember having long hair and nits as a child, this little trick would have been a lot more pleasant than the chemicals and metal comb – ouch
  • Coconut oil is good for the heart because it contains 50% lauric acid which actively preventing heart problems and disease
  • How & why coconut oil is good for weight loss, especially abdominal weight loss in woman. It also helps in  healthy functioning of the thyroid and endocrine system, increases the body’s metabolic rate and therefore burns more energy – i’m going to roll in this stuff and eat it at the same time.
  • Also covered are immune system benefits, digestion and the tragic disease called Candida.

Definitely worthy of #2 status. Click here to read the full article >>

#3 The Science Proven Benifits of Coconut Oil

It’s no secret I love sciencey  facts. so when I came across this article I had to share. The hearty soul have checked out the science & research of coconut oil with short quick facts for each claim including;

  • how Coconut Oil burns fat! i’m in!  
  • improves memory – now what was i doing….
  • heals wounds – nice alternative for the kiddies
  • natural medical alternative – including anti inflammatory, allergies and fever reducing
  • reduces swollen prostate – ouch
  • treats fungal infection – ‘oh your feet smell nice..’ no that just my fungal infection… eeek
  • blocks UV rays up to 30%! – i’m going to roll around in it, while eating it at the beach.

This article is gets #3 status for being a great quick read and everyone loves a quicky! Read the full article here – The hearty Soul

#4 The incredible power of coconut oil

The Truth about Cancer also follows the history of coconut oil and how we have been duped into believing it was bad for us and coconut oils’ bad rap. ( I love a good conspiracy theory.) They also cover the unique benefits of coconut oil and some interesting studies; including 1940’s study of farmers trying to fatten their livestock with coconut oil but they became leaner.

This article also covers the breakdown of what is in coconut oil but goes into each ingredient with further detail including how coconut oil helps increase cardiovascular function, heals damaged cells that can lead to cancer and other disease, and cleanses the body.

Cows proving coconut oil is great for weight loss gets #4 list status.

click here to read more of this post: The Truth about Cancer

#5 10 Benefits of Swishing Coconut Oil in Your Mouth (Oil Pulling)

It’s not a complete list if it doesn’t include oil pulling – Whats oil pulling and how do I do this?  I have just the article for you!

This handy little article covers:

  • what is oil pulling and how it the practise pulls toxins out of your body.
  • 10 benefits of oil pulling
  • why coconut oil for pulling
  • 5 easy steps to oil pulling
  • why you should swish with coconut oil every morning

Winning! Click here to find out more. >> Cha Ching Queen Oil Pulling

#6 10 Proven Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Just naturally healthy give you the top 10 health benefits of coconut oil that have been experimentally confirmed in human studies. Did you know coconut oil can kill your hunger!

Here’s the list;

  1. Coconut Oil Contains a Unique Combination of Fatty Acids With Powerful Medicinal Properties
  2. Populations That Eat a LOT of Coconut Are Among The Healthiest People on The Planet
  3. Coconut Oil Can Increase Your Energy Expenditure, Helping You Burn More Fat
  4. The Lauric Acid in Coconut Oil Can Kill Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi, Helping to Stave Off Infections
  5. Coconut Oil Can Kill Your Hunger, Making You Eat Less Without Even Trying
  6. The Fatty Acids in Coconut Oil Are Turned into Ketones, Which Can Reduce Seizures
  7. Coconut Oil Can Improve Blood Cholesterol Levels and May Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease
  8. Coconut Oil Can Protect Hair Against Damage, Moisturize Skin and Function as Sunscreen
  9. The Fatty Acids in Coconut Oil Can Boost Brain Function in Alzheimer’s Patients
  10. Coconut Oil Can Help You Lose Fat, Especially The Dangerous Fat in Your Abdominal Cavity

click here to read more : Just Naturally Healthy 10 Proven Benefits >>

#7 150 Awesome Uses For Your Coconut Oil

Helen at Health Ambition has put together the mother of all lists on coconut oil. Check out her site, it is a wonderful source of great information you have every list, recipe to last you all year!

Her list covers coconut usage for;

  1. Kitchen – Cooking, ingredient swapping, smoothies etc
  2. Personal Hygiene/ beauty – beauty products and applications for your face, skin, and hair
  3. Health and Wellness – the benefits of taking coconut oil internally
  4. Health Issues – like acne, cholesterol, and heart disease
  5. Babies – yes! babies, our little treasures get a mention on this post
  6. Pets – We can’t forget the fur babies
  7. In the home – Cleaning, polishing and getting rid of bugs!

click here to read more : Healthy Ambition 150 Awesome Uses For Your Coconut Oil >>

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