Stop Emotional Eating Once and For All

When you’re having a bad day…

Can you eat a packet of Tim tams without blinking?

You’re not alone…

Many clients I see emotionally eat.

How we emotionally eat and what we ‘do’ and eat varies but the underlying issue is basically the same.

So what is really going on here, why do we emotionally eat and what can we do about it?

We may emotionally eat through habit , learnt behavior or triggers like stress, anger, sadness, depression  etc.

Sometimes there are underlying issues, unconscious issues, that cause emotional or comfort eating.

If you are eating for any other reason other than ‘I’m hungry’ or to fuel your body, then I suggest you may be emotionally eating.

There are a number tools I use to help my clients stop emotional eating.

The one I get the best results with is the Emotional Release Foundation Program.

The program is specifically designed to address emotional and comfort eating and any underlying cause of weight challenges.

This program is currently only available for members of the  Never Diet Again Program.

Not a Member of the Program?

Not to worry, I have included information and tools straight out of the program in this video.

I also have included the perfect free resource below to help you stop emotional eating once and for all!

Before you download the resource: watch this week’s episode. We explore why you emotionally eat and how to stop once and for all.

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Resources Mentioned in this Video:

FREE eBook – How to Stop Emotional Eating

Watch Now to discover how to Stop Emotionally eating once and for all!

Now I have a challenge for you…

which part of what we talked about today, resonates most with you?

More importantly, how will you take action today!  

Tell us in the comments below.

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    Hi Jodi I have all the mp3 but thanks for the offer. The E books are helpful. I appreciate all your help, I’ll keep trying all the recordings. Guess I’ll start from NDA secession 1. Thanks again for all your support ,Kindest Regards Jennifer Heap

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