Virtual Gastric Band Program

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This program is designed for those who overeat and really starts to tackle your physical weight issues and shed those kilos’.

Using hypnosis, we communicate with your subconscious mind to alter your current automatic urges and habits to overeat, and replace them with positive suggestions and visualisations to reduce your food intake to a healthy level.

Firstly, you are taken hypnotically through a gastric band procedure. This part of program is done in a way that your mind believes the operation has happened, therefore creating automatic changes in your habits and behaviours; eating less, feeling fuller faster and feeling in control.

The operation is then backed up and reinforced over the next sessions locking it into your mind, ensuring you never feel hungry or fall back into old habits and behaviours.

At the end of this program your body and mind will behave like you have had gastric band surgery, only without the expensive, risky and invasive surgical procedures.

Product Description

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Program: 6 Sessions & eBook Guide

Session 1 – Your Gastric Band Operation

Virtual Gastric Band - Session 1 - Your Operation

Session 2 – Unlock the Slimmer You

Virtual Gastric Band - Session 2 - Unlock the Slimmer You

Session 3 – Breaking through barriers

Virtual Gastric Band - Session 3 - Breaking Through Barriers

Session 4 – The New You

Virtual Gastric Band - Session 4 - The New You

Bonus Session 1 – Locking in the Changes

Virtual Gastric Band - Bonus Session 1 - Locking In The Changes

Bonus Session 2 – Motivation for Health

Virtual Gastric Band - Bonus Session 2 - Motivation For Health

Your Virtual Gastric Band Ebook guide

VGB Cover

Recommended listening: We recommend listening to each recording for at least 7 days each in a comfortable spot and where you won’t be disturbed. Either in bed at night or in a comfortable chair.

Note: This recording will promote a wonderful deep relaxation and hypnosis, for some it may feel like sleep, therefore, do not listen to this recording while in command of a vehicle or operating machinery,

Warning: Hypnotherapy or Hypnotherapy MP3’s are not recommended for those suffering epilepsy or Schizophrenia


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6 reviews for Virtual Gastric Band Program

  1. Mick

    I have lost 7 kg in 6 weeks!!

  2. Janelle

    Hi Jodi
    I have lost a total of 6 kilos since i began this program. I’m well and truly on my way to my goal of 11 kilos.
    Although having said that. .
    I will have to wait until i get closer to my goal to see what weight i am best at now.
    Having gone through menopause i don’t know if i will go back to my pre weight gain weight of 9 months ago.
    Even though the vast majority of my weight was gained add a result of medication increasing my appetite. It hasn’t been easy to shed it. I don’t think i would have been able to without your help Jodi. I was addicted to sugar.
    So a huge thank you from me.

  3. Anthony

    I usually eat to match my 20 year old son…. in the weeks after these MP3s I found him taking food off my plate that i couldn’t get through and for the last few weeks we just serve me up half and I’m full

  4. Marissa

    I had tried lots of things and I got some real improvement with his program where others had failed.

  5. Catherine

    Very excited to say I’ve lost 12 kgs. Only 8 to go!!!! And I actually have the energy to take a daily walk, something I haven’t had in ages with running around after kids all day

  6. Jill

    I notice changes in my relationship with food it’s a definite shift
    I only need small amount of food and I feel satisfied
    Eating and enjoying clean food feel body shape changing 5 kgs gone

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