Never Diet Again Hypnotherapy Program

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Don’t Allow Your Weight To Drain Your Happiness, Health and Self Esteem Any Longer

The Never Diet Again Program is Australia’s most successful Weight Loss Hypnosis Program, with more that 2538 women from across the country using this program to conquer emotional eating, develop unbreakable motivation and change the long term, unconscious habits that cause weight problems.

We have hundreds of success stories (See Our Success Stories Here) from women who previously tried every type of diet and exercise program only to lose motivation or gain the weight back once the diet/program was complete.

The reason why the NDA program is so successful is because it tackles the underlying cause of your weight issues such as emotional eating, depression and finding the time to focus on you and your health, then develops new habits and new ways of thinking that result in fast, long lasting weight loss, without the constant internal struggle or unrealistic diets programs.

Product Description

Don’t Allow Your Weight To Drain Your Happiness, Health and Self Esteem Any Longer

The Never Diet Again Program is Australia’s most successful Weight Loss Hypnosis Program, with more that 2538 women from across the country using this program to conquer emotional eating, develop unbreakable motivation and change the long term, unconscious habits that cause weight problems.

We have hundreds of success stories (See Our Success Stories Here) from women who previously tried every type of diet and exercise program only to lose motivation or gain the weight back once the diet/program was complete.

The reason why the NDA program is so successful is because it tackles the underlying cause of your weight issues such as emotional eating, depression and finding the time to focus on you and your health, then develops new habits and new ways of thinking that result in fast, long lasting weight loss, without the constant internal struggle or unrealistic diets programs.


Hypnotherapy is now recognised and one of the fastest and most effective ways to reach and maintain your ideal weight goals. The Never Diet Again Hypnotherapy Program utilizes the very latest in clinical hypnotherapy along with counselling and motivational tools to not only improve your habits around diet and exercise but also break down the mental and emotional issues that are often the root cause of weight gain.

The program is delivered through the exclusive and dedicated members only site. As soon as you join you will receive your log on credentials and Welcome email so you can get started straight away on your first module. Each module of the Never Diet Again Program tackles a specific obstacle that has prevented you from achieving long term weight loss results in the past and with lifetime access to the program you now have the tools to keep it off.


    Control your relationship with food and identify and eliminate the triggers that cause compulsive urges to eat even when you’re not hungry. Be able to enjoy food again yet have the power to walk away when you have had enough.


    Why was it such a struggle to stay committed to previous diets and excise programs? Because you have not worked on the internal voice that constantly fuels your bad habits. Through hypnotherapy, we work with your unconscious mind so healthy choices and staying motivated becomes easy and natural for you.


    I don’t expect you to take my word for it, or even the word of the hundreds of women just like you who have already achieved amazing permanent weight loss results. I want you to try it for yourself risk-free. You can access the complete program download all the MP3’s, workbooks and other tools and put them to use for 6 months. If you don’t achieve the results you wanted simply email me within 6 months and I’ll refund you in full.


    Stop yo-yo dieting and maintain the sexy, healthy body shape that you desire Long-term. The hypnotherapy MP3’s will banish your unhealthy habits for good and you can always listen to a specific module again if you feel yourself slipping into old habits. We also provide ongoing support and a community forum to help you at moments of temptation.


    If you constantly tell yourself that you’re fat and “yuk” and don’t look sexy in your clothes, then these thoughts will always manifest themselves no matter how hard you try. That’s why we start by breaking down your limiting beliefs and first focus on increasing your happiness, self-esteem and energy levels to support your weight loss journey.


    We are all busy with work and family commitments. Finding time to go to the gym and prepare healthy meals can be hard. The NDA program is great because you can listen to the MP3’s and complete the workbooks anytime. In fact, many women say they have the best sleep of their life after listening before bed. The Mp3’s work on any audio player and can be downloaded directly into you Itunes or smartphone for easy access.

    What’s Included In The 12 Week Never Diet Again Program?

    Each week you will receive access to a new module. This helps to keep you focused and prevents overwhelm from having too much to do. Each module contains a Mp3 hypnotherapy session with Certified Hypnosis Expert Jodi Clarke, a PDF workbook and an instructional video to give you step by step guidance throughout the entire program.

    Plus you get full access to ALL the program materials and recordings for LIFE. So if at any stage in the future you need to reinforce the positive changes you simply go through the modules that worked best for you.

    # Immediate Access: Your Bonus “Kick Start Pack” 
    Here you will take an honest self-assessment of where you are right now. In the “Kick Start” workbook you will develop your goals and become more aware of your current patterns and habits so you can start to change them for the better. Once you have set your personal weight loss goals we will them lock them in with a powerful Mp3 Hypnotherapy session so, that nothing will stop you from reaching them.

    # Weeks 1-5: Emotional Release Program 
    This part of the program focuses on freeing you from past negative habits, experiences, emotions and thoughts, allowing us to treat the underlying cause of your weight issues. Many weight loss programs overlook the connection between unhappiness, low self-esteem, depression and weight issues, which is why long-term results are rarely achieved. At the completion of this part of the program you will be positive, motivated and in the best possible mental state to achieve your weight loss goals once and for all.

    # Weeks 6-9: Virtual Gastric Band
    Here is where we really start to tackle your physical weight issues and shed those kilos. Using hypnosis we communicate with your subconscious mind to alter your current automatic urges and habits to over eat and replace them with positive suggestions and visualisations to reduce your food intake to a healthy level. At the end of this part of the program, your body and mind will behave like you have had gastric band surgery, only without the expensive, risky and invasive surgical procedures.

    # Weeks 10-12: Step It Up Weight Loss
    Now we have tackled the emotional and dietary causes of your weight issues we step it up and help you to become a more active, energetic and healthy person. With the help of the Mp3 sessions, you will become more excited and motivated to move and exercise. This module also includes simple daily exercises to get you started with your new healthy lifestyle. It will no longer be a struggle to get active and you will soon start to see the fat melt away for good. Here we will also review your progress, see just how far you have come and provide ongoing tools to keep you motivated and focused.

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16 reviews for Never Diet Again Hypnotherapy Program

  1. Sarah – I lost 36 kilos

    I have participated in the Never Diet Again 12 week programme – my journey has been epic ! I have gone from 116kg : after my 3rd child in 2012 ( Jodi and her Team got me on a plateau at 111kg : 2013) now I’m 85kg and in clothing that I haven’t looked at since I was a teenager!

    The team at The Hypnotherapy Clinic have been supportive and instrumental in this life changing experience! I believe the MP3 support is crucial and pivotal in the success of this of this adventure – to start with I listened to them every night : you can’t change 30 years of habits without some major reinforcement!

    I have discovered that food was my shield/armor and escape: any emotional response resulted in eating ! I was morbidly obese, in excruciating pain (unstable pelvis) and very unhappy – not that you would know because I would just eat !! Acknowledging these forces at work in my life and then dealing with them through the hypnosis was extremely powerful.

    The monthly maintenance sessions are important in ensuring continued success and reprogramming food thought processes over the change in seasons – I liked to hibernate in winter and eat accordingly! The local family run gym has become my new favourite place as opposed to the golden arches last year !!

    Thank you for helping me find myself and my life again!

  2. Nicole- I lost 7 kilos

    I love your program. Will shout my praise from the rooftops.
    Awesome – they fit again! 7kgs down, back in my “skinny” jeans, minus the muffin top. Love this program, I listen to a session every single night. I don’t know how I will get to sleep every night without the hypnotherapy lol I am so used to it now, can’t sleep without it. Nicole- I lost 7 kilos

  3. Mandy

    OMG, I have hit a revelation. I had been listening to the weekly MP3’s and was so excited to lose 3kgs, but then I did what I always seem to do and binged on chocolate, cake & potato cakes until I gained all the weight back again.

    I was so angry and frustrated with myself. A couple nights later, I was still angry with myself and when I went to bed I listened to ALL of the whole 6 weeks worth of MP3’s while I slept. The next day I cried and cried and found the emotional releases that I needed.

    I wrote down all my feelings (about 5 pages worth) and let out everything. All the hurt, anger and frustration that I felt about issues from my past have now all been released.

    I slept so well the next night! The following day I had a special morning tea for a lady leaving our workplace and there were all these cakes, slices, lollies, bikkies & cheese, scones with jam & cream, cheesecakes etc. I felt nothing for them and really didn’t want anything. I did eat a small chocolate slice, which should have been delicious, but it wasn’t.

    I would have thrown it out after 1 bite, if I could have. It did nothing for me. I have now lost 1/2 kg and I didn’t binge after finding this out. I am so pleased and finally feel like I have beaten this problem.

    I can’t wait (or is that weight) to continue with this amazing program and am so incredibly grateful for all of this info and the MP3’s. I am just so very happy.

  4. Christine – Lost to date 30 kg

    I started my journey depressed but not knowing why and discovered a self love, inner peace and growing confidence. I no longer use to food to make me feel happy. I now have tools to cope with unconfortable situations and to make my family a happy tight knit bond.

  5. Kim – lost 4.3 kg

    I’m not so negative and i don’t dwell on things that have gone wrong anymore. I’m no longer pigging out & finishing everything on my plate. The journey will be still long but small steps, the goal will come!!!

  6. Julie lost 22CM

    It has definetly changed my mindset and Anthony has helped with a mind shift – Awesome! Ive lost 22cm!

  7. Amy Lost 6kg

    Over the 12 weeks I have begun to completly cahnge my mindset about eating and have become a healthier and happy person.
    Without this program I would still be eating 3 blocks of chocolate a day. I lost 6kg

  8. Pauline

    I thought the holistic nature of the program was great, goal setting, mindfulness, assistance. The whole package.

  9. Michelle

    I was a sceptic but my food portions & mind set around that has shifted.

  10. Roddy Lost 3kg

    Over weight, angry and fustrated. I have learnt to handle and deal with multiple situations that are thrown at me better. Whilst i would have liked to lose more weight I know know what I need to do to achieve this after the help of the course. Thank you

  11. Leisa

    just 2 weeks into the Never Diet Again Program, I have lost 2.5kg and feel amazing.

  12. anonymous

    Hi Jodi,
    Just wanted to say thanks. I¹m happy for you to use my comments if they¹re useful to you, but not with my name ­ for reasons that will be obvious in a sec.

    Over the last 15 months I¹ve gained 14 kg while losing a huge amount of my confidence as a mum, wife, professionally, personally. Having been really successful with hypno in the past, I was expecting it to be emotional and successful. But I wasn¹t expecting this. When I started listening to the
    first MP3, the releasing anger, the easiest way to describe my reaction was
    ³No Way!² I couldn¹t let go of anger, because I was still in the situation
    that got me here & my anger is keeping me safe. Its the wall that keeps me from getting hurt. Reaction next day was to cry for a solid 2 hours over
    what that meant. I was reading Michelle Bridges¹ Make it Happen at the same time & some of the messages cross over. I kept playing the MP3 with gusto ­for 3 weeks actually, then moved on to the others. I¹ve just started week 6, but for the last 5-6 weeks I¹ve been through one of the most difficult times of my life. Having these 5 weeks worth of MP3s on repeat all night each night (I wake up & put a different one on, then wake up & do the same) has been a godsend. I¹m stronger than I was when the circumstances were less tough. Stronger by far. My increased resilience has possibly triggered more resistance in my partner, but I¹m finally holding my head high again & I¹m incredibly grateful.

    I have no idea if any weight has dropped yet & frankly I don¹t care. I know
    it will. People tell you to look after yourself. With 3 small children & a
    frequently grumpy husband, that¹s easier said than done. Right now, I¹m
    deeply grateful Jodi. Having your Emotional Release series playing all
    night, topped up with either the Exercise or one of the Confidence or
    Protective Shield or Deep SleepŠ as I need depending on what¹s happening
    next day: Jodi this is how I¹m looking after myself. In a VERY real, hugely
    beneficial way.

    I had thought that perhaps the weight would shift, then I would reclaim
    myself. Its happening the other way around. I¹m more myself than I have been for 15 months; I just know the weight will follow.

    Thank you so very much.

  13. Kate

    Hi Jodi,

    Thank you for your service. I am SO HAPPY that I have excess to all your very helpful materials. I may not have time to leave my comments but I do listen mp3s every day/night, whenever I need them and read materials. It helps me to sleep deeper, stops insomnia and night thinking about many things at once. Even with shorter sleeps I get better rest. I can confirm that it helps to manage the “relationship” with food.
    I may not loosing wait as yet, but i don’t put more as well ( i have may be 3-5 kg or to be absolutely perfect 5-10 kg). I have regular training each week as I am Tai Chi instructor (my hobby).

  14. Julie

    Hi Jodi I have just finished the 12 week NDA programme and just signed up for the maintenance. It has been great I’ve done my weight and measure and have lost 2kg and 8 1/2 cms overall I am very happy. I will say I have done no real exercise in the last 12 weeks it has all been the changes in my eating habits due to the programme. I now find if I eat too much I feel pretty sick. I am cutting down my portion size but I am still feeling satisfied after I have eaten. Listening to the mp3 material every day is essential in my view for the programme to work. I do mine at night and it promotes a good night’s sleep. The private member’s group is inspiring just being able to see how other members are going and let them know your experiences. I am looking forward to the maintenance program and continuing with my new relationship with food. Many thanks Jodi great programme and I highly recommend it.

    • Jodi Clarke

      Thank you Julie, I am so pleased for you and loved hearing all about your journey. keep up the great work you have done, i am so very proud of you xx

  15. Jo

    I’ve just finished the 12 week program. I have been gaining and losing the same 5-8kgs my whole life and have developed a pretty negative attitude to food – it’s a love-hate relationship really!! So of course I wanted to lose some fat but I also wanted to deal with emotional eating and the attitudes I hold towards food that see me constantly thinking I should be on a diet and berating myself for eating the ‘wrong’ foods. The first thing I noticed was how well I was sleeping, I’ve always struggled to fall asleep but in the last 3 months I have never slept so well. I also noticed that I felt so much calmer during the days. Like many others, I was waiting for incredible things to happen after a week but I realized that to deal with a lifetime of bad habits it was going to take time, so I learnt to have faith and just let it all happen. Food changes have been subtle but significant and I’ve loved not feeling angry with myself for food choices. I also learnt to be mindful about eating and to stop and think about what I was about to do and why. I lost just under 2 kgs and a very pleasing 18 cms! I stepped up the exercise too so have probably increased muscle mass. The support Jodi offers is brilliant and having the private Facebook group for support from others is fantastic. I’m about to start maintenance but will probably revisit some of the other modules first – it’s great knowing I can access the MP3s now whenever I need them. Thank you so much – so many wide-ranging benefits from doing the program and I highly recommend it.

    • Jodi Clarke

      thank you Jo! I am so happy for you and all the ‘bonus’ results you got as well as the weight and CM xx

  16. Jim Lush

    Hi Jodi
    Progress report. I am now awesomer!
    I started at 86kg with a desire to break 80k , probably my lightest adult weight. Age 72.
    After 5 weeks I was down to 81Kg then went on holiday in 4 luxury hotels in Cambodia(2), Thailand and Bali. That cost 3 kg, much less gain than expected.
    As you suggested, I still kept listening to the mp3s each night. Also used the gymnasiums in each hotel every day.
    Five weeks after getting home I was down to 78kg – target achieved.
    I am now on maintennance program. No more diet, just sensible eating.
    All this happened while I was on rehab after a shoulder reconstruction in November. Also with a wife who is a compulsive cook and watches all the cooking shows then heads for the kitchen. Thankfully she is also a healthy eating nut. I have also joined the gymnasium.
    My main problem now is a dressing room full of a lifetime collection of clothes that are now too large for me – mostly by one or two sizes. Much of it still there from when I was 96kg pre cardiac bypass. The only stuff that fits me now are my socks and shoes!
    You are responsible for me facing putting out a lot of money for new clothing.

    • Jodi Clarke

      Im so happy for you Jim, you have been an absolute please to chat with over the time. Your holiday sounded amazing! Keep up the great work and keep in touch

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