What if I am not overweight but I really like your stuff?

I get lots of emails from people that don’t have a weight issue but find a huge amount of inspiration and motivation from my work.

Why? Because I cover a range of topics that are about being healthier and happier for mind, body and life.

On another note: Even if you don’t have a weight issue, in today’s busy world we all must take charge of our own health if we want to stay healthy in the long run.

So it doesn’t matter If you are overweight, unhealthy, healthy or a fitness fanatic, Welcome Aboard!

How Can I work with you?

When I have new programs or live events (they sell out super fast), my subscribers are the first to know.

If you struggling with weight and you are ready to make a change now check out my online program, Never Diet Again Program. We’ve helped shape the minds, bodies and motivated into action over  5,500 woman (and some men too) since 2012.


I am also in the middle of some exciting new programs that will out early next year so stay tuned because you might miss out.

Random Fun Facts

My Friends call me Jodes

As a kid: I was obsessed with canned peaches, every birthday pic I was eating peaches and would drink cream from carton like it was milk.

I’m a Pisces. My birthday is 6th March (Pisces Rock!)

My first job was at McDonalds after school. I wanted to buy a horse so I went out a got a part time job.

Raised in the Northern Suburbs Melbourne, Live on the Beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

I loooove Latin & Swing dancing, scary poop your pants physological thrillers and action shoot em up, smash em up non stop action films.

I have two very demanding cats: coco pops (coco) & Star Cat and very sad to have lost our dog, our best friend of 14 years fruity (fruit loop)

I also have two amazing, gorgeous and loving boys, Justin & Joel.

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