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February 2016

Is Depression Hindering Your Weight Loss Goals?

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Is your weight causing you to feel down or depressed or is your poor diet causing your depression?

There is strong evidence to suggest that those with a poor diet or lack of nutrients and low antioxidant levels are also at risk of depression.  

The sugar and other chemical ingredients used in highly processed foods can temporary increase stimulation in the body and mind giving you a false sense of happiness that may lead to overeating, bingeing and emotional eating.

These same foods may then be leaving you feeling slow, lethargic, lazy and sluggish leading to inaction and feelings of guilt, self-loathing and depression. Read More

Why You Self Sabotage And How To Fix It

By | Healthy Mind | One Comment
Do you start a diet or exercise program, lose weight or start to make progress and you hit a bump? Do you find yourself falling out of love with your new lifestyle,  sabotage your progress by; pigging out,  stop for no reason and going back to old habits and behaviors?

In todays episode we cover Why You Self Sabotage and How to Fix it. I’ve also included free resources you can action today.

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How To Be Your Own Biggest Fan: 9 Simple Steps to Feel Rock Star Confident

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We all struggle with confidence from time to time and some struggle all the time. so in this week’s episode I will share with you: 9 simple ways to feel rock star confident and become your own biggest fan.

So, What’s causing us to think or feel a lack confidence in the first place? Is It all in your head? Short answer is yes.

But how does it get in your head and how do you get it out! Watch the Video to find out. Read More