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January 2016

What Everyone Ought to Know About Coconut Oil

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Most of us have heard why we should cook with coconut oil but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many healthy ways we can use this natural product.

I’ve gathered my top 7 favorite articles that include how coconut oil can help: Lose weight, improve your skin, reduce wrinkles, slow ageing, reduce saggy skin, detox the body, plus much more. This list has it all.

After you read these articles you will be slapping this stuff on your skin, eating and drinking it like it’s going out of fashion, and like me, possibly rolling around in it…. on the beach..

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5 horrible facts: What happens to your body when you don’t drink enough water.

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Last night, I finished up earlier than normal because I was really feeling fatigued. After moving away from my desk I realised how thirsty I was and I was starving! While uzzling down a huge glass of water it dawned on me…I didn’t drink any water, all day!

I’m sure we have all done this and probably far too often.  Its a simple habit to change and it will make a huge difference to your health. So I thought I would remind myself and my parched friends out there the effects of not drinking enough water!

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How Stress is Making you Sick & Overweight and What to do about it.

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I’m told constantly  “I’m so stressed out, I can’t sleep, focus and even think about making life style changes” and I can totally relate.  I have suffered stress more times than I can poke a stick at thought-out my life and once it made me so sick I nearly ended up in hospital. How can anyone even think about blending up a smoothie when they are in that state?!

Stress is an often overlooked and underestimated cause of illness & weight gain.  In today’s episode we have a look at the shocking effects of stress on the mind and body and I’ll give you 7 quick stress eliminating tips & resources. Read More